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    Fitness Classes and Activities at Lough Lannagh Fitness

    Cardio Rehab - All our Instructors have gone through cardio rehab training and are experienced in dealing with patients with heart conditions. Especially those who are post surgery and are under constant cardio rehab.

    Injury Recovery - Gym and Fitness Centres are an integral and vital part of your injury rehabilitation process. We work closely with several practitioners in order to get you back fighting fit.

    Building Muscle - Lough Lannagh Fitness is the best equipped gymnasium in the county of Mayo. Let us impart our knowledge to help you "Bulk Up"

    General Fitness - If you are at a general level of fitness that you are happy with, you will no doubt be familiar with the principal, if you don't use it, you lose it. Meaning if you don't keep fit, you become unfit.

    Get Fit for Team Sports - We Cater for Rugby, Soccer, GAA, Basketball, and work with relevant coaches to ascertain the needs and goals for their own team.

    Get Fit for Golf - Improve your swing, your ability to drive further than your opponent.
    We ensure you feel as good on the 18th hole as you do on the 1st tee.

    Get Fit for Running - Avail of many of our muscle endurance programmes, or simply get some your mileage done in the comfort of a warm, safe, well lit gym.

    Get Fit for Cycling - Many top cyclists name our facility as a familiar stomping ground.
    Lough Lannagh Fitness ranks highly among elite and leisure cyclists.

    Weight Loss
    - Firstly you will meet one of our trained staff who will give you a tour of the fitness centre
    - Then with this staff member you will fill out a questionairre, just a few questions about your aims and goals for your fitness
    - We will then provide you a custom training schedule to fit your needs and timeframe
    - Don't worry if you have never been to a gym before, our staff will show you how to work everything
    - You can have as little or as much contact with your trainer as you need
    - You will decided with your trainer when you will be reviewed and your training schedule will be updated as needed

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