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  • Lough Lannagh Fitness Gym Facilities

    Gym Facilities at Lough Lannagh Fitness

    Cardiovascular Area - The following are some of our more popular cardiovascular machines.

    · Treadmills
    · Crosstrainers
    · Rowing Machines
    · Upright bicycle
    · Re-Cumbent, Seated Bicycle
    · Stepper, Stairclimber

    Resistance & Weights Area - Listed are some of our most popular pieces

    · smith machine
    · lat.pulldown
    · leg curl
    · leg press
    · leg extension
    · pec. deck
    · leg pendulum
    · squat rack
    · high / low pulley and cable machine
    · chin/dip frame
    · preacher curl
    · flat bench press
    · numerous adjustable benches
    · heavy dumb-bells, up to 50kg
    · light dumb-bells, up to 50lbs
    · barbells, olympic and standard
    · large selection of weight plates.

    All the light and heavy weights to suit both male and female resistance needs

    Abs-zone Area

    · Core Stability Swiss Ball workout
    · Ab- Rollers
    · Roman Chair for advanced users
    · Numerous Mat-Based Ab excercise

    Sauna & Steam Rooms & Outdoor Tennis

    After your workout, relax and shower in our spacious changing facilities, and avail of our post workout stress relieving Sauna and Steam Room fragenced with essential oils.

    Lough Lannagh Fitness Gym MayoLough Lannagh Fitness GymLough Lannagh Fitness

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